Reichian Bodywork One-on-One Coaching

I'll be your guide in the world's most powerful system of self-transformation

Once or twice a month I accept a new client for Reichian Bodywork — a powerful system inspired by the work of Jack Willis, Christopher S. Hyatt, Israel Regardie, Alexander Lowen and Willhelm Reich, and based on 13 years of practical experience and experimentation.

Sessions take place over video chat (or in person in the SF Bay Area).

Here's what you can expect:

  • I’ll help you overcome resistance and navigate the shocks that scare most people away
  • We’ll work on your most pressing issue — whether that’s laying a solid foundation by mastering the basics, or undertaking advanced work
  • I’ll provide structure, community and accountability to keep you moving forward
  • We’ll identify chronic tension, muscular armor and blockages in your body — and replace them with vibrancy and freedom
  • Get a full, natural breath flow happening (something most people never experience)
  • Learn to stay serene under pressure (a huge advantage in all areas of life)
  • Massively increase your powers of awareness and attention
  • Identify and remove the limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • Strengthen your internal sense of rock-solid security and stability

This training is perfect for someone who has tried other approaches and yet finds something missing. It’s also good if you’re preparing to make a major change, or you’re longing for more out of life.

One-on-one clients also receive:

  • Access to me for questions and guidance
  • Supportive homework exercises to integrate the changes we’re making
  • Invitations to exclusive in-person sessions and workshops (in Europe and the US)
  • Special pricing on all upcoming workshops and courses

A warning

This work leads to real, dramatic change in your life. Despite what they say, most people don't want real change — they’re just looking for a new label that makes them feel important. If that describes you, I cannot help.

But if you are longing for something more, please fill out the form below.